What Did the Saudi Warplanes Target in Yemen on August 11th?



During the last 24 hours, the fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition continued their daily striking of a number of Yemeni governorates, turning a blind eye to all the accusations of committing literal massacres against thousands of Yemeni civilians.

To begin with Saada governorate, bordering Saudi Arabia, the coalition warplanes launched two raids on Al-Malahit and Al-Manzala districts based in Al-Zaher district, while an additional airstrike violently struck different regions in Kataf district.

It does not end here with Saaada as another four raids rocked Muthab region located in Safra’a district, as well as Saudi missile bombardment witnessed by various areas in Manbah bordering district.

Going to Hajjah governorate, an airstrike hit Dawar area based in Mstba district.

Heading to the outskirts of Yemeni capital city, Sana’a, the coalition fighter jets waged an air raid on Amd in Sanhan district.

Concluding it with beyond the Saudi border, particularly in Najran, at least four airstrikes targeted Al-Talah site.