Syrian Army frees large mountaintop overlooking strategic city in east Homs



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their offensive around the strategic city of Quraytayn, Wednesday, targeting the Daesh’s positions at the large mountaintop of Jabal Jubeil.

Supported by Russian choppers, the Syrian Arab Army’s Qalamoun Shield of the 3rd Division and 18th Tank Division stormed Daesh’s positions at Jabal Jubeil, inflicting considerable damage on the terrorist defenses.

Unable to hold the mountain, Daesh  was forced to retreat from Jabal Jubeil before being overrun by the swarming Syrian Army troops in the Quraytayn countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army is currently awaiting orders from their high command to clear the historical city of Quraytayn from the remaining terrorists presently occupying it.

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