BREAKINGS… Israeli squadron flying from the bases of Eritrea and bombarding Hysteria sites in the capital and flying in the skies of Aden after the strike Taif



A special source loyal to the Saudi-led coalition , the first Yemeni scene, that a squadron of Israeli aircraft, launched from the bases of Eritrea, to bomb the Yemeni capital Sana’a.

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The Guardian: Britain continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia despite killing civilians in Yemen

The source, who declined to reveal more information, said that the King Fahd air base in Taif was paralyzed at the moment, after the last ballistic operation, pointing out that the green light was given to the Israeli enemy to compensate for the defeat.

He pointed out that an air raid in the city of Aden and its environs was about 11 pm on Thursday, stressing that the squadron of aircraft flying these moments is an Israeli squadron came after the urgency of the UAE and Saudi Arabia quickly intervene, he said.

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Targeting an Emirati military vessel near the coast of the Mukha

Riyadh is increasingly concerned that Yemeni missiles are targeting its strategic locations*

The air force launched aggression hysteria at dawn Friday, July 28, 2017, on the Yemeni capital Sana’a, centered at Sanaa International Airport, the Guard School tour of the dead, and the National Security building in the area and the maintenance camp maintenance, and the former camp, Threw a light bomb at the base of the Delay, according to local sources.

Local sources also reported that Agadir aircraft launched two raids targeting the Jarban district of Sinhan district south of Sanaa city

The rocket force launched for the first time a batch of medium-range ballistic missiles, “volcano 1” on the base of King Fahd air in Taif.

This is the first time that those loyal to the aggression have been recognized by Israeli intervention in the war against Yemen.

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