Yemen FM Calls International Community to Take Clear Stand Towards US-Saudi Killing of Yemeni Women, Children




Yemen’s Foreign Ministry called on United Nations organizations, programs and agencies and international organizations, working in the humanitarian and human rights fields, to defend the rights of women and children by taking a clear stand towards the US-Saudi massacres, the latest in Kushar district in Hajjah.

Yemeni official news agency, Saba, reported a source saying that “while the world celebrates Women’s International Day, the US-Saudi coalition commits a horrible crime, killing over 20 women and the number of victims continue to rise.”

The source added that “this crime reveals the hypocrisy of all who claim to celebrate and demand the rights of women,” stressing that this massacre is a war crime.

The source held the international community, in particular the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the Group of 18 sponsors of the political settlement process responsible for the continued US-Saudi aggression targeting of civilians in Yemen.

The source concluded by saying that “this crime against women and children clearly reveal to the whole world that the US-Saudi aggression creating obstacles and seeks to thwart all peace endeavors.”

On Sunday air strikes waged by the coalition fighter jets on citizens’ houses in Koshar district of Hajjah province that killed and wounded 30 citizens, including children and women.