Ministry of Transport announces its readiness to receive all flights




The Ministry of Transport in the National Salvation Government announced the readiness of all its institutions and bodies to receive land, sea and air flights.

The ministry said in a statement on Sunday “the responsibility and the suffering of the Yemeni people and the difficulties imposed by the aggression that impede the movement of citizens and goods between governorates and abroad as a result of the siege and bombing of airports and roads, the Ministry of Transport in the capital Sana’a confirms its readiness to receive all flights.”

The ministry pointed out the recent actions of mercenaries to serve their projects, which led to increasing obstacles and suffering for the Yemeni people.

As well as Yemen’s Finance Minister Rashid Abu Lahom had reported that the losses of the Yemeni economic sector in the four-year-old war of Saudi-led coalition on Yemen have exceeded 71.5 billion dollars.

Abu Lahom added that the coalition exploited economic blockade as a paper to pressure on the Yemeni people, causing the living conditions to target citizens in various areas of health and education.
The minister touched upon that losses of the economic sector might have exceeded $ 95.5 billion at the end of 2019, including the losses of the oil and gas extraction sector.