President opens military exhibition in honor of Martyr president Saleh al-Sammad in Sanaa




According to the official Saba News Agency, President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat on Sunday opened a military exhibition of the Martyr president Saleh al-Sammad in the capital Sanaa.

The exhibition displayed new models of ballistic and winged missiles, and new drones made in Yemen.

.The new Yemeni weapons called Winged Ballistic Missile Quds-1, Sammad-3 Drone, Qasif 2k Drone, and Sammad-1 Reconnaissance Drone. Minister of Defense Mohammed Nasser al-Atifi briefed the president and visiting officials — including parliament speaker Yahya al-Raiee, prime minister Abdulaziz Bin Habtoor and head of the higher revolutionary committee Mohammed Ali al-Houthi — about the new military technology.

“The new deterrent weapons will enhance the Yemeni military capabilities and will change the course of the battle against the countries of the aggression,” al-Atifi said.