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YPC: Saudi- Emirate Coalition Seizes Diesel Ship

The Yemeni Petroleum Company reported on Tuesday that the aggression detained a diesel ship and prevented it from reaching the port of Hodeidah despite obtaining an entry permit from the United Nations. YPC official spokesman Issam…

Al-Murtada: We must Move Prisoners’ File Forward

The head of National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Abdulqader Al-Murtada, revealed that the prisoners’ issue, since the UN-sponsored truce went into effect, has witnessed almost complete stagnation at the local and international levels.…

New Yemeni Antiquities Are To Be Sold in London

The sale of pieces of Yemeni antiquities continues, through public auctions, at a time when specialists described these operations as “a depletion and looting of Yemeni history.” A Yemeni researcher specializing in antiquities, Abdullah…