Oil derivatives crisis in Sana’a capital ended



Director of the Oil Company branch Abdullah al-Ashbat has confirmed the end of the oil derivatives crisis in the capital Sana’a.

He said 14 million liters of petrol and diesel were distributed over the past three days.

These quantities were distributed to 93 petroleum stations to meet the needs of the market and vital and service sectors of the various departments of the capital, al-Ashbat told Saba on Saturday.

He clarified that the distribution mechanism will continue providing oil derivatives to the capital Sana’a districts with an amount of 1.5 m liters per day.

The continued distribution of such quantities over the next period would contribute to secure stability and alleviate the suffering of citizens.

The director of the oil company branch demanded the International Community and the United Nations to perform its part to release the rest of the oil ships detained by the aggression coalition.