Yemeni Grooms Assign Their Money for Their Wedding Day to the Yemeni Joint Forces Against Saudi Forces


Written By: Malak Ali Almakhadi

In a special day in Yemen, specifically Sanhan region, a number of young men entered the so-called golden cage and celebrated their new chapter of their lives.

However, one would think it is a wedding day just like any other in the rest of the world, maybe with different traditions and costumes, but at the end of the day, it is still just a wedding day.

What makes this wedding celebration unique is that the four grooms in Sanhan spend the day with the president of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of AnsarAllah also known as the Houthis.

Adding to the aforementioned feature, the grooms assigned all their money designated to cover all of the wedding requirements for the Yemeni joint forces on the battlefields confronting the forces of the Saudi regime and their allies.

The grooms used the money to afford a large food convoy to supply the frontlines, which marks the level of sacrifice Yemenis have reached to show gratitude for the Yemeni joint forces currently retaliating for the countless Saudi crimes against thousands of innocent Yemenis.

“We say to our fighters on the battlefields, we will not be delighted with this wedding day unless we share this food convoy with you,” one of the grooms said.

The four newly married men come from a family that has lost several loved ones, and with pride, on the battlefield against Saudi forces. The grooms happen to be two brothers and the other two are their cousins.

Furthermore, the president of the Revolutionary Committee, Mohamed A–Houthi, expressed his thanks for the generous family and their “awareness and making the confrontation of the Saudi American aggression a priority.”

The Saudi-led coalition began its war against Yemen on March 26th of 2015 and claimed to be restoring “legitimacy” to the Yemeni ex-president Hadi.

However, the world keeps to ignore the fact that Hadi is a twice-resigned president as well as an ousted one, therefore and according to international law, he can no longer rule the country.

The one and only truth about the US-backed Saudi war is that they want their puppet reinstalled to continue having Yemen as the “backyard of Saudi Arabia”, fully under control and submissive.

The braveness and generosity of Yemenis despite the harsh level of poverty experienced by most of them teaches a world a lesson, and that is that they clearly do not want Saudi Arabia and its allies disrespecting the sovereignty of their country and intervening, by force, in its affairs.