4 killed in UAE Apache Helicopter Crash in Shabwa



The Yemeni war mrdia reported ,Friday evening ,that an Apache helicopter of the United Arab Emirates’ occupying forces crashed in Amgel valley of Al-Rawadah directorate in Shabwa provinces, as a result four of its crew members lost their lives in mysterious circumstances.

The Saudi-led coalition’s spokesman, Turki al-Maliki, confirmed the fall of an Apache plane in Shabwah, a refuge to the cause of the fall, as usual, to a technical defect suffered by the plane.

Later on, the head of the Revolutionary Committee ,Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi , praised the Yemeni joint forces’ fighters in Shabwah front ,strssing that they are still the men of strength like others in the other fronts.

Al-Houthi statements came after the falling as declaring that the Yemeni Joint forces are the ones who shot down the plane , according to monitors.