Saudi Airstrikes Against Yemen on August 12th: Monitor



During the last 24 hours, the fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition continued conducting air raids on a number of Yemeni governorates.

In Saada, bordering Saudi Arabia, the coalition warplanes launched at least 9 raids on the Al-Dhaher and Kataf districts, while Saudi missiles targeted different areas of the Razih and Manbeh districts.

Going to Hajjah governorate, the US-backed Saudi warplanes carried out five raids on the districts of Haridh as well as Medi.

Heading to the capital Sana’a, an airstrike rocked Al-Sabahah region and a second raid hit Attan region.

In Marib governorate, about two airstrikes targeted Serwah district.

The Saudi-led coalition then went for Jawf governorate, where it conducted an air raid on Al-Aqbah region based in Khab wa Shaf district.

Concluding it with past the Saudi border, where the Yemeni joint military retaliates for Saudi humanitarian violations against Yemeni civilians, an air raid struck Al-Talah position.