Negotiations Between ISIS and US-Backed Forces for Surrendering the City of Raqqa



A negotiation between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS Army is being held to discuss the surrendering of Raqqa City, the Combined Joint Task Force of Operation Inherent Resolve stated on Tuesday.

“The Raqqa Civil Council, in conjunction with local Arab tribal elders, has a big interest in protecting civilians and preventing a significant humanitarian crisis as the fall of ISIS so-called capital draws nearer,” the statement began.

Negotiations are underway for creating a safe corridor for the civilians in order to leave the city. Though, this will require the departure of Daesh along with them.

According to Kurdish activists, an agreement had been reached and the first convoy of ISIS soldiers and civilians will exit the city during this week – no location was specified.

This move by the US-backed forces contradicts their recent statements that attacked the Syrian government and Hezbollah for allowing safe passage for civilians and ISIS forces from eastern Lebanon.

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