The Killing of at Least 50 ISIS Soldiers in One Day of Clashes in Al-Mayadeen Area



ISIS militants who are fighting in and around the terrorist group’s capital of Al-Mayadeen are gaining massive losses as they are attempting to attack back at the Syrian Arab Army troops whom are storming the city with its surroundings.

According to military sources, the Syrian Arab Army whose backed by Russian airstrikes – killed at least fifty ISIS militants that were located in and around Al-Mayadeen during the past 24 hour period yesterday.

Reports say that some of the losses that were inflicted by ISIS yesterday occurred due to the actions of Russian warplanes; though, the majority of the deaths of ISIS soldiers were, by far, due to clashes with Syrian Army forces on ground.

One Syrian military source stated that ISIS is now deeply losing everything it has at Syrian Army Forces in and around Al-Mayadeen and ISIS is approaching the point of total collapse.

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