What happens inside the White House?




White House officials have been told that before the end of this month they will have to decide whether they plan to leave the current administration or whether they will stay until midterm elections in November. A US official was quoted as saying the aim of setting a deadline for organizing a mass departure was expected.

The US president faces a difficult time filling vacancies in his administration on the eve of the second year of his term as senior foreign and domestic policy advisers have announced their resignation in recent months as more staff are expected to leave, CNN said, quoting people close to the West Wing. In the coming weeks.

The chief of staff, John Kelly, has begun efforts to fill vacancies by the end of January, but the lack of will, qualified people and the long recruitment process make it difficult for him to achieve that goal, CNN said.

But White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders denied the White House had set a deadline for staff members to remain in office, calling the news ridiculous.

CNN quoted a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity as saying it had only been a year but seemed to be a decade, noting that many of Trump’s top advisers were still looking to leave at the end of the first year, The 20th of this month, while others are likely to leave in the coming weeks.

According to the US network, two senior officials are on the list of potential departures, House Legal Advisor Don McGinn and National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster.