Saudi-led Coalition hold drills in Eastern Saudi to launch a military campaign against Hodeidah


Saudi-led Coalition have held drills in Eastern Saudi Arabia to launch a military campaign in western Yemen.  (25) countries have involved in these drill, including United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia from the Gulf States as well as Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Britain and the United States
According to Saudi media , the drill aims to confront what they described as terrorist attacks but the land, air and naval forces have participated in this drill
Moreover, one of the most important aims of the exercise was to activate the concept of joint military combat operations plans to counter hostile acts
Two ships of Pakistan Navy, PNS Tipu Sultan and PNS Himmat, along with a ship of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, ,PMSS Basol, also took part in the joint military exercise

It is noteworthy that the participating countries in the exercises participate in the aggression against Yemen, which began on March26, 2015, suffered dozens of defeats by the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees