In Yemen, a child dies every 10 minutes: UNICEF



The director of UNICEF is asking for attention and aid in Yemen, amid a humanitarian crisis that continues to deteriorate and acutely impact children.

The organization’s director, Henrietta H. Fore, reports that 400,000 Yemeni children are severely malnourished, and a child dies in the country every 10 minutes from preventable disease.

Fore wrote a first-hand account of her visit to the Arabian country for the Thomson Reuters Foundation, published on Tuesday, and UNICEF released a similar video on Wednesday.

Yemen has been devastated by a war which broke out in 2015. A coalition primarily composed of forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, strategically backed by the U.S.

Around 400,000 children in #Yemen are suffering from severe acute #malnutrition and they endure the agony in silence.