Saudi aggression blocked the shipments of medical supplies entry to Yemen


YemenExtra,19 March,2017

We are in a bind where UK humanitarian organisations try to get aid and medicines, paid for by the British taxpayer, into Yemen while a Saudi-led coalition, of which Britain is a part, is pounding the very port facilities through which British support needs to pass With wall-to-wall coverage of Brexit consuming the media’s bandwidth, it would be easy to miss the report that most of Yemen is just one step away from famine.

Yet entering Yemen on the roll-call of global disasters ignores the fact that famine there is an entirely man-made phenomenon, and one in which the UK, with its internally inconsistent policy, is tragically complicit. Yemen is not starving; it is being starved.

As Yemeni children stare into the jaws of starvation, we cannot continue with business as usual. Yemen is being slowly starved by our ally, Saudi Arabia. Save the Children recently called out Saudi tactics that directly blocked shipments of medical supplies

اعلان الزكاة