66 Iraqis Martyred and Wounded in Daesh Attacks in Tikrit




At least 26 people killed and 40 wounded on Wednesday in attacks by Daesh  group in Tikrit, northern Baghdad.

“Reuters” news agency , citing from Iraqi security and medical sources, said  that,  among the martyrs, there were 14  policemen in the attacks carried out by “Dahesh” on   the early morning.

Medical sources also reported that the attacks also wounded 40 others.

For his part, the governor of   Salah al-Din, Ahmad Abdullah al-Jubouri, said in a statement reported  by, “Alsumaria News” site, that the official time was suspended in the district of Tikrit.

The perpetrators of the criminal attacks were  holed up in a school in al-Zuhour district, before that the security forces surrounded and killed them all.