Various Activities in a Number of Provinces to Condemn the Coalition and Support the Battle of the Coasts




The Yemeni people continue to hold  various activities and community activities that condemn the ongoing aggression and siege and call for supporting the battle of the coasts in various governorates.

In AL-Baida  province, the Guidance Office in the province held a  cultural and rhetorical activity  in conjunction with the passage of two years of the legendary Yemeni steadfastness against the Saudi-led coalition  and a large official and community attended .

The participants stressed that the steadfastness of the Yemeni people for two years against  the coalition  is a victory in itself and that no matter how long the coalition  lasts, the Yemenis are prepared and ready . They also expressed their appreciation to the men of the Yemeni joint forces.

With the presence of  The  agents of the Ministries of Youth, Sports and Fisheries, and a number of leaders of the Directorate ,   the youth of the Directorate of Dumat in Dhala Governorate held  a sport  and youth tournament to celebrate the steadfastness of Yemenis over two years of resisting the coalition  .

The participants pointed out that these workshops  are an affirmation that the Yemeni youth are still beating with hope and life despite the coalition  , which targeted all sport and youth facilities in order to destroy the morale of Yemen’s youth and called upon all concerned to support and encourage such activities .


The students and teachers of a number of schools in the Directorate of Manaba west of Sa’ada, held protest vigils demanding the United Nations to pay teachers’ dues, stressing their steadfastness in continuing their education despite the systematic targeting of their schools.

In  both cities  of Hajjah and Najra Directorates   were held tribal meetings in  which the participated  tribes announced their  public and full readiness to go into confrontation with the coalition  in the battle of the coast.

The citizens of the Directorate of the Seventies in the capital,  Sana’a, participated  this morning to pour into the west coast of the homeland,  in response to the call of Allah  and to meet the call of the homeland against  the  invaders and occupiers.

In Al-Jawf, the tribes of the districts Rabd  Al-Arba and Al-Hamidiyya stressed its   general  combat readiness  to go to the fronts of honor to confront the forces of invasion and occupation, especially in the West Coast, confronting the fifth column.

In Dhamar, food baskets were distributed in the village of Amad in Anas governorate, to  support the national campaign of honoring  the prisoners, and fulfilling the heroic positions embodied by the prisoners.