The US Directors’ Newspaper Describes Hadi as the Puppet Governor and Makes Fun of Bin Salman




“The war in Yemen and the Saudi illusion” is the title of an article in the American Directors’ newspaper, in which the newspaper ridiculed the recent interview of the Saudi Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman, in which he said he would resign Houthi and Saleh in a few days.

The newspaper said the Saudi-led war on Yemen had destroyed the country’s infrastructure, destroyed its economy and made millions on the verge of famine, but it failed to achieve any of the alliance’s declared goals since two years.

The Saudi regime continued its war, which it described as untenable because the reputation of King Salman and his son is linked to the outcome of this war. They are either unable or unwilling to admit that they have fallen into a war which they can not win ,adding that the prince doesn’t have any idea about how to win the war that he started but will not admit defeat, and so the war goes on meaninglessly, the newspaper stated.


Hadi, whom the paper described as the puppet governor and the coalition tried to re-impose him on the country, the newspaper said that he was very puzzled and is now also facing major protests in the south.

The alliance is no closer to eleminate its enemies in Yemen than it was in 2015 and what it did not achieve within two years , it can not achieve it later. The Saudi leadership today is more isolated from reality than ever if it think it could win the battle, adding that the US extend the war and the suffering of the Yemeni people by continuing to encourage them in their illusions, it concluded.