Wahhabism and Al Saud 3 .. Holy Commandments




From the commandments of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud before his death:
1 – Ruling for my children and after them to my grandchildren.
2 – Strike and feed and do not let the hand of Egypt reach Syria.
3 – Do not let the hand of Syria reach Iraq.
4- Every body has a head and a heart. The head of the Arab nation is Egypt and its heart is Syria. Hit the head and hearted the heart so that the Kingdom of the Saud family does not end.

King Abdul Aziz is the one who  granted Palestine to the Jews according to the document in his handwriting …
From the letter of King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz to President Johnson preceded the outbreak of the 1967 war (a document with the date of 27 December 1966, corresponding to 15 Ramadan 1386, and with the  number 342 of the documents of the Saudi Cabinet:


1 – America shoul support “Israel” with a surprise attack on Egypt by taking over the most vital places in Egypt … ..
2- We have no objection to givw aid to Egypt and its similarities from the Arab countries, following the example of saying “Mercy the wicked people of evil” and to avoid their unpleasant voices in the media …
3 – Syria is the second that should not be handed over from this attack with cutting off part of its territory, so as to devote itself to the other and push to fill the vacuum after the fall of Egypt ..
3. The West Bank and the Gaza Strip must also be seized so that the Palestinians have no room to move …
4 – We see the need to strengthen Mullah Mustafa Barazani in northern Iraq, for the purpose of establishing a Kurdish government to occupy any rule in Baghdad which wants to call for Arab unity north of our kingdom in the land of Iraq, both in present and future ..
King Faisal in his statement to the Washington Post on September 17, 1969 said that Al Saud are Jews and not Arabs and King Faisal also said that :

The relativeness of AL Saud to Jews is and Jews and we cousins and will not accept throwing them in the sea as some say ,but we want to live with them in peace ; and Jews and we belong to Sam and Samiah gather us as you know .In addition to the relativeness of country, our country is the first place of Jews ,from where they spread to all around the world.