The Crisis between # UAE and Hadi Continues and an Official Follows the Latter: We will not Accept Insulting the President





Former press secretary of the ex-president , Hadi, Mokhtar Rahbi said that the crisis between Hadi and the UAE was continuing and that no solutions had been found since the events of the “airport rebellion”.

Al-Rahbi said in an interview with “Arab21” that during the last period the relationship began to worsen between his government and the UAE, especially after the events of the “airport rebellion” and the ensuing problems.

Pointing out that Hadi tried to address it, whereas he himself went to the UAE to try to solve it, but the reception was poor, and it was a message from the UAE leadership to his government.

Rahbi denounced the position of what he called “some of the affiliates of the UAE” who attacked the ex-president Hadi in a reference to Dubai police deputy Dhahi Khalfan, who was waging a campaign against Hadi.

He added that “taking the positions of convulsive and targeting the runaway Hadi by the affiliated, and the deprivation of what he described as immoral is absolutely unacceptable, and can not be accepted, even if it is from the closest .”