The Iraqi Army Announces the Launch of the Clearness of AL-Rotbah Desert




The Iraqi army announced on Thursday the start of the process of cleansing the southern desert of the wet west of Anbar province from the grip of the group “Dahesh” ,backed by Saudi.

According to “Alsumaria News” site, Anbar Operations Commander Major General Mahmoud al-Falahi said that “A force of the first division , the eighth division , the brigade of commandos operations Anbar and tribes with the support of international coalition aircraft and helicopters to the army launched a large-scale operation to clear the southern desert  (310 km west of Ramadi)

Al-Falahi added that “the operation aims at hunting down elements of” Daesh “and destroys their headquarters and camps in the desert to the Nukhayb area (400 km southwest of Ramadi).

The Iraqi army continues to hunt elements of “Daesh” ,backed by Saudi, in the desert west of Anbar, which is often used by members of the group to launch attacks on the army in al-Rutba and other Anbar areas.