British officials Follows Money, Do Not Care About Yemeni Blood and Innocent Children Starved to Death: A Middle East political commentator




Catherine Shakdam, Middle East political commentator, said on Wednesday, British officials don’t care much about Yemeni blood and innocent children starved to death; human rights and democracy don’t matter as long as the Saudi war in Yemen is making the UK money.

Britain’s Defense Minister Sir Michael Fallon says Saudi Arabia has the right to defend itself and call on its friends to help, referring to the Saudi operation in Yemen and UK arms sales to the Gulf monarchy during a BBC interview.

He said in an interview with RT that ” Of course, they are making the argument trying to rationalize war, trying to say that it is legal, trying to play with words, treaties, and agreements saying that it was sold before there was any legislation passed on cluster munitions and whatnot. We are arguing technicalities here”.

She added ” What it has done is unilaterally attacked another country for no good reason other than trying to impose its own political agenda onto Yemen to try to forward its own narrative and own agenda for the region altogether”.

” So, you can’t turn around then when the resistance movement, in fact, defends its own borders and its own sovereignty and indeed attack Saudi Arabia a way it hurts because it has the right to self-defense. And then argue self-defense again. It doesn’t work this way. You cannot be together”, she mentioned that.

Shakdam said ” The one that attacks first and the one that defends. Because, if the rules of engagement are broken, in that it was illegal to declare war on Yemen in the first place, then I would say Riyadh has to expect a resistance movement in Yemen to defend themselves and their country however they see fit. Because there is a huge coalition carpet bombing their country and trying to suffocate their people with a humanitarian blockade. So, I would say that the rules do not apply anymore when it comes to self-defense, as far as Saudi Arabia is concerned because it is the one power that has attacked.”

About How can the British government support Riyadh , after Saudi admitted to using cluster bombs on Yemen Shkdam said ” think there are two main reasons. The first one, I would say is geopolitics, and Saudi Arabia remains a key ally when it comes to the Middle East and beyond that, the Islamic world, And the second element is of course money. Britain has made billions of dollars on the back of the Yemeni war.”