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Scenes of Downed Saudi Operated Spy Drone Released

YemenExtra M.A. Al-Masirah TV , on Tuesday, broadcasted scenes managed by the military media of the downing of a spy drone, Karayel, with surface-to-air missile in Al-Salif area in Hodeidah. The scenes also showed the…

Shocking Figures of Saudi Losses in its War against Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Losses of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen amounted to $ 725 billion so far, Foreign Policy revealed. If these funds were spent on the rise of Saudi Arabia, it would have been risen and developed, it added. The…

Victims of migrants by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The United Nations has confirmed Saudi-led coalition’s responsibility for targeting a camp of African migrants in al-Raqu market in Monabeh district of Saad province for the second time, killing 20 and wounding 45 in…