The Iraqi Popular Crowd Liberates a Village near the Syrian-Iraqi Border




Popular forces in Iraq on Monday liberated the village of Taro north-west of Al-Qahtaniya, north of Al-Baaj west of Mosul, from the control of the “Daesh”  organization, backed by Saudi Arabia.

“People’s Liberation Forces (UPDF) today liberated the village of Taro, northwest of Qahtaniya, found along the Sinjar mountain near the Iraqi-Syrian border,” the Popular Populist Media said.

It is noteworthy that the Popular Forces launched today quality operations to liberate the villages located west of the Qahtaniya district north of the district of Al-Baaj.

The Popular Forces (UPDF) on Sunday completed the liberation of the first Yazidi residential compounds in the western part of Nineveh, north of the country, from the Da’esh control, acked y Saudi Arabia.