The Criminal Mokhtar al Kushaybi, 80 Elements Held : Yemeni Official

A security official said that the security services  have held the criminal so-called Mokhtar al Kushaybi and 80 of his aides in Sana’a .
Al Kushaybi and his aides have committed two murder crimes and acts of looting and robbing in Hizyaz and Bani Huwat areas in the capital Sana’a, as well as they cut the regular road between Sana’a and  Dhamar provinces and didn’t allow citizens to travel through it , the official added  on Thursday.
The criminals , in addition, have combated and fought the state authorities, said the official, adding that when the criminals refused to turn themselves in to the state authorities, the public prosecution issued a compulsive arrest warrant by which the security services  stormed the criminals’ hideouts in two houses and arrested them.