A Unified Strategy against the Saudi-Led Coalition




The Director General of Al-Masirah Channel Ibrahim al-Dailami called for taking on a unified media strategy to face the evil empire, in addition to the developments and the battle dealt by the Yemeni people against the Saudi-led coalition.

This took place , Sunday, during the opening ceremony of the ninth session of the General Assembly of the Union of Islamic Radio and Television in the Iranian city of Mashhad .

More than 210 media institutions, including 133 television channels and about 500 media personalities representing 35 countries attended the course entitiled  “the scene of satisfaction: the source of unity and Islamic civilization” .

The assembly is held by Federation of Islamic Radio and Television during the hard political, security, economic and cultural conditions of Arab and Islamic world.

It was held at the Imam Ridha hall  and lasted  for three days ,whereas 133 media organizations representing more than 850 television and film works of 2017 participated in it , dealing with political and non-political topics, including children’s programs.