Special Source Reveals Rerious Details Warning of the Outbreak of the Situation Militarily in # Aden




The so-called Transitional Council held its first meeting on Wednesday in the city of Aden. Meanwhile, there was another meeting of Ben Dagher, Prime Minister of the government of the fugitive former president Hadi, supported by Saudi Arabia and the  provincial security managers, calling for non-confrontations, according to military sources.

In the wake of the violent clashes that took place yesterday evening between the Saudi-led coalition members, which resulted in 5 wounded, the sources said that the venue of the demonstration was moved after 7/7 from the scene of the presentations of Khor Maksar to the street of  the martyr Madram Baala.

The sources pointed out  that the situation is very tense as there are military preparations mobilized by all parties of the Saudi-led Coalition members, which showed that the situation will explode further in the coming days.

The sources said that reports read the fugitive former Hadi will issue a number of resolutions in the coming days, dismissing most of the military leaders backed by the United Arab Emirates and replace them with the leaders belonging to  him and the Reform Party.