More and More to Reveal the Saudi-Led Coalition :President




The President of the Supreme Political Council ,Saleh al-Samad , elected by Representatives Parliament, urged the House of Representatives for more actions aimed at uncovering the crimes of the Saudi-led coalition regionally and internationally and enhancing external communication with the world, meanwhile, he praised the achievements of Parliament in this regard and the work done in its sessions.

This came at a meeting on Wednesday with the president and members of the Council who expressed the confidence of the Yemeni parliament in acheiveing victory in the battle that refute those who think that the Yemeni people after all these sacrifices will lose or give up its original values.

The president pointed to the real political change that resulted from constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy and the extent to which the Saudi-led coalition tried to confiscate the right of the Yemeni people.

The President of the Supreme Political Council expressed his confidence efficiency, integrity and patriotism of this original institution and its members .

The President of the Parliament briefed the President of the Supreme Political Council on the work program of the Council during the upcoming period ,the priorities required by the stage and its continuation in external communication in order to break the political blockade.

The president warned of targeting the parliament at a time when media reports of the Saudi-led coalition of the news of the return of the fugitive former president ,Hadi, to Aden to inaugurate what is called parliamentary sessions.

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