Iraqi Paramilitary Force Thanks Hezbollah for Helping them




The Iraqi paramilitary, Harakat Al-Nujaba, issued a statement on Saturday that thanked the Lebanese Hezbollah movement for their contribution to fighting terrorism.

“The Lebanese Hezbollah advisers and commanders were beside the Popular Mobilization Forces [PMF or Hashd Shaabi] from the starting operation against Daesh…” the movement’s secretary general, Akram Kaabi said, as quoted by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

“Many Lebanese Hezbollah advisers were martyred in the fight against terrorism in Iraq,” Kaabi concluded.

This statement by Harakat Al-Nujaba comes just days after Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider Al-‘Abadi, slammed Hezbollah for transferring “Daesh” terrorists from the Lebanese border to eastern Syria.

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اعلان الزكاة