New York Times: Saudi Arabia is waging a starvation war against Yemeni people





American newspaper “New York Times”, in its editorial on Thursday, confirmed that Saudi Arabia is waging a starvation war against Yemeni people, who will suffer from largest famine in the world since decades, and will lead to millions of victims.

The newspaper reported from the official in United Nations Mark Lokoc, Said that if Saudi Arabia does not immediately allow to entry of food and medicine from all Yemeni ports and allow to resumption of air navigation, Yemen will suffer from greatest famine in the world.

The New York Times reported that Saudi Arabia has tightened its blockade since November 5, after Yemeni army bombed King Khalid Airport in Riyadh with a ballistic rocket, where Saudi Arabia imposed a great blockade on Yemeni ports and left only some ports that controlled by Saudi allies, and it is not enough to provide needs of nearly 7 million Yemenis threatened with starvation.

Saudi-American alliance for nearly three years, launches a continuous aggression on Yemeni people, which led to deaths of 10 thousand people, due to Saudi random shelling, the war has also caused spread of cholera epidemic and injured nearly 900 thousand Yemenis, while 17 million Yemenis depend entirely on humanitarian aid to survive.