Yemeni Joint Forces Won’t Allow Saudi-Led Coalition to Gain a Foothold in Yemen: Yemeni Officilal




In response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people mostly civilians , a number of Saudi-led coalition’s paid fighters fell dead and wounded in two offencives of the Yemeni joint forces in Taiz province, according to a military official on Wednesday.

The Yemeni joint forces targeted the paid fighters’ sites in Molia village and nearby Jabal Habashi, leaving dead and wounded amid the paid fighters’ ranks.

Besides, another offencive on al-Nabea Mountain in Himiar area of Maqbna district and nearby hills was carried out ,killing a number of the paid fighters and injuring others, in addition destroying a military vehicle.

In November 21,the Yemeni joint forces ,Tuesday, were able to clear sites in Taiz Province.Units in the Yemeni joint forces carried out a successful operation which resulted in clearing a site of the paid fighters after killing and injuring a big number of them , while the rest fled the scene.

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