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UAE presence in Yemen forces Yemenis to suffer from this!

YemenExtra Y.A The United Arab Emirates (UAE), main part of the coalition, has reportedly done illegal practices against Yemenis in the Saudi-led coalition waging war , backed by the US, on Yemen over years. Members of Yemen's…

France confirms aiding the coalition to kill more Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A The French government confirmed that a new shipment of weapons will head for Saudi Arabia, despite claims Riyadh is using the arms in the Yemen war. Defence Minister Florence Parly refused to identify the types of arms…

The coalition’s economical war tortures Yemenis to death

YemenExtra Y.A The economic crisis caused by the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, is of such a magnitude and the need for relief is so urgent that much more will be required. Ending the coalition war and siege, that destroyed…