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What happend to Saudi Arabia’s merecnaries in Yemen!

YemenExtra Y.A Hadi’s government escalated against international moves to achieve peace in Hodeida. While his West Coast spokesman, Waddah Al-Dabeish, continued his attack on the international mission in the city, calling for the…

Yemenis Ready to Respond

YemenExtra Y.A

Childern who are forced to kill Yemenis!

YemenExtra Y.A Sana'a has announced the capturing of dozens of underage soldiers fighting along the Saudi-UAE forces. "We have dozens of children who have been captured on the frontlines fighting with Saudi forces," said Abdul Qader…

Yemeni patients suffer to death

YemenExra Y.A Officials expressed resentment at the United Nations ignoring the continued US-Saudi siege on Sana'a Airport and turning its back on the thousands. "Three years ago the airport was closed and we are in this way in…

Riyadh Deal Not to Sooth Crisis in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The Iranian foreign ministry announced on Wednesday that the agreement signed between fugitive President Mansour Hadi and the UAE-backed separatists in Southern Yemen will not help soothe the crisis in the war-torn…