Betrayal of sacrifices!




By:Abdullah Sabri


The heart is dripping with pain when we see the national forces fighting to be drawn into the internal strife of strife, and provides the Saudi regime with the opportunity to emerge from a war that has been unable to resolve for nearly three years, while the Yemeni people during the days of sacrifice and redemption.

Whatever the reasons and justifications, regardless of the motives of one party or another, the bloody confrontations in the capital Sana’a are a complete crime against the Yemeni people and a betrayal of the blood and sacrifices of the army and the popular committees and there is no doubt of that the recent events at the first is to serve the organs of aggression.

It is one of the conspiracies of the conspiracy against our people and the national forces that resisted aggression and steadfastly militarily, politically and media in the face of the war and siege which Yemen is exposed throughout its history! No realize thoes who think that aggression can tolerate any party at home, and stop targeting Yemen just because someone is looking forward to ((a new page)) with the neighboring countries and the Al Saud system specifically ,because AnsarAllah and the Conference are both targeted.

As well as,who think that he may survive in isolation from each other !! If the crisis of trust between the two poles has brought the home front to this critical juncture, the role of the wise on both sides is still needed more than ever before, and appeal to Mr. Abdul Malik al-Houthi to the President of the Popular Congress to calm down and re-evaluate the national partnership in the administration of the state.

It is true that the President of the Conference has declared it a clear war, but that does not mean more of the engagement in the confrontations that serve the schemes of aggression. In difficult circumstances, wisdom must appare and put an end to this slide, and whatever concessions to each other, it is worth nothing in return for the major aggressive plot against our people and the sacrifices of their sons.