“Do the nations of the world understand that Islam does not accept defeat?”




[My intercession] is to those who committed the major sins from my nation], how could this alleged talk from the Prophet to prevent any faith education of the Islamic Army, which is asked to withstand the enemies?

Who would say to the West, “Do the nations of the world understand that Islam does not accept defeat?” Who tried to present a witness to the Jews and Christians that Islam accepts defeat?

There are those who curse the Shiites on their platforms, so why do they not curse the Jews?

Truth is not known to men “What is the significance of this measure in practice?

This is what strikes the faith education: that you are told that the Prophet (prayers and blessings of God be upon him) will pay to the people of great sins and escape from the punishments of the major sins, then the soldier whom I have raised, and long shot him will be short steps in the field of jihad; The big crawl does not have anything to be bothered by the big plus other big, big plus means: to have Mohammad’s intercession and enter paradise, if he flees from crawling, will be defeated in the face of the Jews, will be defeated in the face of the unbelievers.

“The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to them:” It is not permissible to flee from crawling. Is not this a contradiction? Can you and you start to guide people in the fields of confrontation and tell them what God said in the Holy Quran: to escape from the crawl in which the human being angered by God, and that the major sins, and you who you say to them previously: that the Prophet will pay to the people of greatness, Above the kindergarten of the Prophet (prayers of God be upon him and his progeny) on one of the doors of his home clean [my intercession to the people of major sins of my nation].

This Hadith alone, and this doctrine alone is what prevents the breeding of an Islamic army to withstand the enemies of God, whatever their strength.

We say to those preachers who fill the niches of the mosques with their fat and huge bodies: We are now in confrontation with the Jews and Christians, in confrontation with America and Israel, and now as you see, and as you see yourselves in the list of persecutors by America and Israel, see yourselves, Otherwise, you are only adopting the evidence, the witness after the witness that Islam accepts defeat, and that he cannot stand up to the unbelievers, otherwise you will be with your actions and your terrible defeat from the first. A shout in front of you are the ones who will instill despair in the hearts of the Islamic movements in any region. Perhaps the Americans wanted, and your elders wanted your rapid retreat to sow despair in the Islamic movements here or there.

People see themselves that if they get the conditions to become such a movement or that a large movement, what can reach him to reach what reached the Taliban. Isn’t it? Then we saw the Taliban shrunk rapidly, and quickly melted against the Americans, against the Jews and the Christians.

We will say: this movement if it cannot do anything, we are very much what we can get to be a Taliban, so the Taliban got it, and so we cannot do anything. You gave the witness that Islam accepts defeat, and that Islam cannot stand in the face of those who have beaten God humiliation and affliction.

Imam Khomeini used to say: “Islam does not accept defeat. The nations of the world must understand that Islam does not accept defeat.”

They wanted to give a witness to the Jews and the Christians: that Islam accepts defeat. In Afghanistan they were defeated quickly, and in Yemen they started to throw their tongues. They went and melted away in Yemen in front of a word, not a bomb or a rocket, so they saw how weak they became when they were strong against Shiites! Were they not strong in our mosques, and in our schools? This is a heresy, and this is disbelief. This disbelief, this misleads, creates this, and this is a book of error, and this is a book of heresy Etc.

“If you have become in a confrontation with frank disbelief, with blasphemy, who do you say,” Do not you see disbelief? “Are not you now being said about you: You are terrorists, and America is chasing you, and America wants to strike you?

Why did not your confrontation, even a verbal confrontation, continue in your mosques on platforms, in schools, in the university? Where did this faith evaporate? A university full of faith with all its floors! Evaporate the whole, and they are a really insignificant force.

Is that for fear of power itself? We saw them in the elections. They were not afraid of the president. They were not afraid of the conference. They entered a fierce competition, got a fight, got fighting in many centers, and really tired of the conference. They were tired of the elections, they were talking and they were outspoken in the elections.
In front of one Jewish cry, their university, their institutes, their mosques, and their sheikhs are evaporating! Then their chin also fade! What is that?! Is this not proof that those were not educated faith, that they lacked the right foundations of faith, and that their university was not faith, and that their institutes were not faith, and that their taste was not faith, and that their intensity was not faith?

If they were believers, they would be as God told the believers who are qualified to stand in the face of the Jews and the Christians: “A curse on the believers is pride on the disbelievers, striving for the sake of Allah, and they are not afraid of a good night.” (Al-Maa’idah, verse 54)

We have seen so many witnesses, from governments, preachers, universities, institutes, centers, and all the different titles, all of which have not tended to raise the nation’s true faith education.

But note there is a real faith education in: [Iran] and in [Hezbollah] did Hezbollah not hit the camps of Israel after the threat? And it is classified in the list of terrorism from time, before being said about these preachers are terrorists. What did he do? A party in itself is dear to the disbelievers, and humiliation to the believers is a truth. We say to those preachers: You are your own doctrines who beat yourselves, but we were not a blow to you, but a witness gave us strength in our faith and insight in our beliefs. Otherwise, if we look your gaze, our faith in the Qur’an and Islam All of it is because you were standing out before us in the form of faith, as a series of obligations even when it comes to wearing clothes and siwaak.

, And the Siwaak comes out of his pocket and whispers, and he shortens the garment that they were committed even in the most accurate things, and then all these things evaporated in front of the cry of one of the Jews. Dikka was the survival and prolongation corner of the pillars of faith, a corner of Islam, they started to fly quickly I remember I was at a time around the Kaaba years ago and I saw a young man Of his features that he is a Lebanese without a syringe and he stands shyly and he calls God a warm prayer that the martyrdom of the martyr in his path.

They have a huge potential, their potential is greater than Hizballah’s potential, their potential in Yemen, their numbers, more and more Hezbollah in Lebanon, and why do not we hear them chanting “Death to America.” Death to Israel, the curse on the Jews.

They cursed the Shiites. Why do not they curse the Jews? Are the Shiites more dangerous to Islam than America and Israel? They were cursing us and here we are Shiites vulnerable weak people were cursing the Shiites in their mosques and their platforms! Why did not they go out to shout slogans: Death to America and death to Israel? It is a slogan that has an important impact, and its great impact in the hearts of the Jews and the Christians?

We did not find any of this, nor did we hear from them many words about exposing the conspiracies of the Jews and Christians, and the general mobilization of Muslims against the Jews and Christians, mobilizing even with respect to the side of consciousness!

Nothing, they were lost, and they began to take refuge – as some say – in the mountains, in the caves, and the matter ended. I want to say to those who say: [Why? All, those others are Muslims, and they are right, why are we not only on the right?] Say:

Look so right they have manifested, then back to the Koran if you think that what they have is right, and I was teasing them many see how many evaporated in the face The enemies of God and the right is from God, and the right came in the Book of God, and those verses of the Book of God describe the believers, jihad in the cause of Allah, and pride in the face of the enemies of God, and Astasl for the sake of God is one of the most prominent qualities of believers. Are these? No. Are not they evaporated before the enemies of God? How can you say:

they are right! Join their ranks to be one of the defeated. Or are they extremists to fight? No. It is also clear to us here: that God Almighty has shown to people the evidence of the truth in His Holy Book, and then the evidence and evidence on the truth in real life, and in the practices of all people. So do not be tempted by their abundance.

Do not be fooled by their noise, and do not be fooled by their taint. Here is the collapse of these foes quickly without doing anything. Why did they stand in the face of the conference and the president in the elections in order to get seats in the House of Representatives? And if they see that it was he who started to stop them from saying a word against the Jews and the Christians why did they obey him here and stick him there? Why did they not say to him: No? Why do not they say to him: We cannot remain silent, even if we are not personally targeted, either as they are personally targeted – as they say, or as some claim – they should not be silent …

first speak and move. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) – but the men know the truth and know the truth know his family)) find the evidence of truth many, and Imam Ali wants from this speech that the machinations of men: their taste, clothes, bodies, noise, even worship is not the measure on the right, Right. We knew the truth in the Quran that it is standing in the faces of the enemies of God, right? The truth is the one who said:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the other day, nor deny what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, nor condemn the religion of truth from those who have given the Book to give the tribute from the hand.” (Repentance 29) Is this not the truth? We found that the truth is that the Almighty said:

“They will not harm you except harm, and if they fight you, you will be oppressed, and then you will not win.” Is not this the word of truth, revealing the truth about the enemies of God? Believers are certified by this promise, and those who believe in this promise are the ones who will start the pride on the unbelievers strive for the sake of Allah and do not fear a good sleep. Is this happened from them? If their machinations are not evidence of the right, the positions have shown us that they are not the right people.

Or did they see that there are aspects of their true beliefs that are still absent that they cannot disclose? No. We do not have the means to tell people the right that we believe, we cannot, we do not have the means to talk to all people about the people of the house, and our beliefs, but those who see themselves can say everything Of their beliefs, and none of their beliefs are absent from them. If they understand their faith has been completed right? From their point of view, and on the basis of their beliefs, their faith is complete, their Islam is available, but there is something that has testified that their faith is from (Al-Imran: 111), why do you and you have to be ignorant from the first day?

“(Al-‘Imran, 111). And why do you, and you have to tell, and cut off your doubts from the first word you face from the part of God said about them that: (will not harm you but harm and fight you) (Al-Imran: 111)?

You are the one who did not harm them and did not harm them, and you brought them before you fought them. Is not that what happened? So there is no faith of the kind that is in the Book of Allah Almighty. What does this mean for us? Is that no complete faith can be obtained except through the Book of God and by the Etra of the Messenger of Allah (prayers of Allah be upon him and them).

Also when we learn faith we must learn it correctly, which we all try to reach by God’s permission, to be believers The meaning of the word, that man is a believer certified by the promise of God certified by his promise, his promise to him Coli of his allies, and his promise to his enemies even how they will be in the field of confrontation with his allies weak.
Lessons of the Holy Quran

Delivered in Arabic by Sayyid Hussain Badr Al-Din Al-Huthi

Translated by: YemenPress website