Iraqi Army roots out ISIS cells in major operation in Tikrit




Iraqi Security Forces, with the support of the local PMU forces Brigades 51, 56, and 88, have launched a major security operation aimed at cleansing Mutaybjiya region located east of Tikrit.

Units led by Faisal Asadi within Brigade 56 killed at least 3 ISIS militants during the ongoing operations as clashes continue to rage in the aforementioned Iraqi theater.

This region is known for the troublesome presence of many ISIS cells that ceaselessly conduct operations to harass the local populace and the police.

Even though Iraq has been declared free of ISIS presence after the latest successful offensive by the Iraqi Armed Forces in Badiya Steppe bordering Syria, Iraqi security forces have an arduous task ahead of them if they are to obliterate all presence of ISIS sleeper cells haunting the nation’s vast and troubled countryside.

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