Google reveals of mixed reality goggles




Google-backed Magic Leap company has revealed a mixed reality headset aimed at changing the way system users will interact with computers and reality.

The $2,000 Magic Leap One package consists of a pair of goggles, a puck-shaped external computer called a “Lightpack”, and a handheld controller.

Handheld controller of Magic Leap One

The pair of goggles are tethered to the powerful pocket-sized Lightpack, and the controller can enter life-like moving and reactive people, robots, spaceships – anything – into a person’s view of the real world.

Its makers say “multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking” are all used to process and then map into persistent objects in the environment.

“Place a virtual TV on the wall over your fireplace and when you return later, the TV will be right where you left it,” the company promises.

Tech experts say what sets Magic Leap’s device aside from similar devices like Microsoft’s Hololens is its vaster field of view and its new way of rendering 3D objects to the users eye by using an artificial light field.

The company says it plans to begin the shipment of its first product, which comes in two sizes, to developers sometime in 2018.

By the time they launch, the company says, it will also take prescription details to build into the lenses for those who typically wear glasses.