LEAKED DOCUMENTS : UAE asks US for direct military intervention in Yemen




Highly-informed Yemeni sources based in the Egyptian capital Cairo revealed that United Arab Emirates (UAE) and United States of America (USA) are intensively planning secretly to carry out military actions against Yemen in coincidence with the military field escalations of Saudi-led coalition in the western coast of Yemen.

The Sources also revealed to the Yemeni Arabic news outlet “Al Massa’a Press” that the UAE has asked the Americans to intervene directly in Yemen and that its request was accepted by US President Donald Trump asking it to finance the military operations on land, sea and air, but after the approval of the US Congress.

The anonymous sources, who asked not to be identified, said that Emiratis are currently working to persuade members of Congress to approve a US military operation directly alongside the Saudi-led coalition forces fighting in Yemen, pointing out that Abu Dhabi uses the institutional forces to pressure so it can achieve this plan, and that many members of Congress are still rejecting even moment of the UAE’s demands while it was able to influence other members and ensure their approval of the decision of US intervention In Yemen.

The sources added, according to leaked information, that the military commanders in the Pentagon, “the Department of Defense,” are currently studying the possibility of direct military intervention in Yemen to prevent losses of people and material, and that most leaders prefer limitation of the direct intervention in the open areas without land operations due to mountainous geographical areas, and that the direct intervention in the highlands should be for military air forces. It added that supporters of this strategy understand how hard it means for direct military intervention in Yemen and also know the great guerilla potential fighting of the Yemenis.

The sources revealed at the same time that the American intervention will be under the title of fighting “Iranian influence and its affiliated militia in Yemen,” and that American advice directed to the Emiratis to spread the term “militia Houthi Iranian” to all media and intensify the term during this period, noting that the UAE informed Saudi Arabia to spread this term in all the media of the coalition countries and their media outlets in Yemen.

Al-Masa’a Press also received heavy information that American and British experts recently asked the coalition to ban the entry of goods, including ” motorcycle, agricultural fertilizers, carbon materials and pipes”, which means that the recent request came in coincidence with the movements of the UAE to persuade US officials and decision-makers to intervene directly in Yemen.

In the same context, local political sources predicted that any direct US military intervention in Yemen would be preceded by a political escalation against “AnsaruAllah” Houthis and their allies inside the international community to justify direct military intervention. At the same time, it is unlikely that the coalition countries will seek a short period of political negotiations that impose their political conditions in order to push the parties in Sana’a to not accept them and thus show them as rejecting a peaceful solution and obstructing the political process.

Adding that it is expected to be accompanied by wide media coverage targeting the Yemeni people, and the international community aimed at convincing internal public opinion and the international community against the parties in Sanaa, headed by “Ansar Allah” and considering their refusing of accepting the UN and security council decrees that were imposed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE as a group that does not have its decision and it receives orders from Iran, which means that the alliance will put the negotiating partner of Ansarullah Houthis supporters and their allies before “Either you accept to surrender or you are allied with Iran, and your rejection for surrender is an Iranian rejection, not a Yemeni rejection.”

It is worth mentioning that General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Vice of the outgoing President, who ia under house arrest in Riyadh, “Abdrabo Mansour Hadi” met on December 9 with the commander of the US Central Command, Major General Joseph Fotel, during the regional security summit called “Manama Dialogue”.

According to media reports loyal to the coalition, including the news agency based in Riyadh “Saba”, Mohsen and Fotel spoke about the Yemeni-American relations in the military and defense field, and added that the Fotal assured president Hadi’s deputy of Washington’s continued support for the so called “legitimacy”.

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