Mahwit province involvs in voluntary recruiting campaign




Mahwit province Governor, Faisal Haidr on Saturday inaugurated with local officials a voluntary recruiting campaign in the province to send reinforcement to the army in the battlefronts to defend the country against the Saudi attack.

In the inauguration, Haidr and the officials reviewed the difficulties the country has been going through due to the ongoing war, which require concerted efforts to strengthen the fronts of honor and heroism in defending the homeland and its security and stability.

The US-backed Saudi  coalition forces have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians, mostly children and women, since they forcibly intervened in the Yemeni internal affairs in March 2015, displacing over 3 million and triggering the world’s most humanitarian catastrophe.

The Saudi-led coalition has committed war crimes in flagrant violation to the international and humanitarian laws, and the right of neighborly relations.

The officials stressed on the importance of recruiting the men to expel the enemy foreign occupiers.