Adel al-Jubeir delivers misleading remarks about Yemen war




Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir, delivered remarks at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York, and ignored Saudi Arabia and its coalition’s own actions. The Yemeni people condemns al-Jubeir’s misleading comments and calls for an independent international inquiry into abuses in Yemen that will hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its role in violating human rights.

In his remarks, al-Jubeir announced that Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners intervened in the Yemen conflict in order to establish peace and security. Al-Jubeir defended Saudi Arabia’s involvement, stating that the “action was not a choice;” casting it as a necessity in order “to ensure Yemen’s independence and territorial integrity.”

Since Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners entered the conflict in Yemen in March 2015, over 13,000 civilians have been killed. In addition, Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have devastated critical infrastructure around the country, including hospitals, water treatment plants, and cranes at the critical Hodeida sea port. The destruction of this infrastructure, on top of Saudi Arabia’s blockade of Yemen, has severely complicated and restricted the importing of food and medicine. As a result, Yemen is seeing an outbreak of cholera that is affecting one million, while millions Yemenis – including 11 million children – are in need of humanitarian assistance.

While also leading to a man-made famine and a cholera outbreak. Saudi Arabia’s refusal to admit its role in the conflict will only prolong the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Al-Jubeir’s statement seeks to absolve Saudi Arabia of its part in the deaths of thousands of civilians and the creation of a dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Yemenis rejects these misleading remarks and calls on the international community to establish an independent international inquiry to examine rights violations committed by all parties to the conflict, including Saudi Arabia.

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