In pictures .. AL-Masirah ,Righteousness Associations distribute food baskets in the capitalof




AL-Masirah Social Charity Association, in partnership with the International Islamic Charity Association, launched a project to distribute food baskets to the displaced and the poorest in the district of Tunis ,Directorate of Revolution in the Secretariat of the capital on Monday morning , which was attended by the the social follower in the neighborhood ,several personalities and social figures in the Directorate

The media official of the Al-Masirah Association (Hamam Ibrahim) pointed to the importance of these humanitarian works and thanked the Righteousness Association for this good act that embodies the brotherhood of humanity and religion by brothers in Oman and their generosity toward the dear Yemeni people

He called for more humanitarian and food support as a result of the increasing rate of displacement caused by the war and the economic blockade as called for by all local and international organizations to double the humanitarian efforts .

The field supervisor of the project pointed that this work came on time to meet the needs of people and thanked the Righteousness Association for this generosity and humanitarian , in additon, and the displaced people thanked Al-Masirah and Righteousness Associations for his generous and humanitarian and religious mission towards the Yemeni man who suffers from poverty and displacement due to the circumstances of the war.

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