“The Revolution of Revolutions”: Irfan Ali Najar from Kashmir




Irfan Ali Najar is from Kashmir, which is described as “paradise on earth”, and has completed masters in political science at Kashmir University. He is also interested in philosophy, Islamic literature and resistance.

In the betwixt of meta ideologies of the two power blocks during cold war, an uncanny dawn signaled for its arrival that shunted off the fog of these ideologies from over the human horizons and started shining in its full bloom. This dawn was the Islamic revolution of Iran.

The year 1979 witnessed many new ugly and beautiful things that made the year memorable in the political history. Soviet intervention in Afghanistan was one of the ugliest moments while the Islamic revolution of Iran was the appearance of a beautiful moment.

The 1979 Iranian Revolution Protests.

Muslim countries so far were considered as dumb backward inferior humans because they were in total thralldom but miraculously a new spiritual big bang burst out that made everyone wonder in the international relations and changed the whole scenario, including Muslims.

This was the triumph of the Islamic revolution of Iran when an old man drove off the young western backed dictator and annihilated centuries of the old tyrant dictator system then unfurled the flag of Islamic system through his unflinching faith. A jolt was felt of this grand revolution in the world politics where theorists, philosophers and great thinkers failed to understand its magnitude.

The revolution was divinely assisted so that it overcame all earthly revolutions where a new epoch, era and a century started that made its base strong. Islamic revolution could be regarded as the success of the message of blood that oozed from Karbala. It is the fruit of that tree whose roots were dried up but then watered by Imam Hussain a.s through his pure blood.

This is the divine gift to all oppressed people especially to the Muslims across the word. So everyone owes a lot to the revolution. Ayatuallh khomeieni r.a audaciously and with great dexterity interpreted the red history of Karbala for emerging the consciousness and awakening in the oppressed people and for launching a revolution against all oppression, occupation, injustice and tyranny.


His efforts then bear the fruits when the dawn of freedom appeared in Iran. He channelized the youth and placed a vision of his great mission in front of them. The first experience happened in Iran but its results and impact inspired all other nations who were under oppression and occupation. The Islamic revolution of Iran is not Iranian  but an Islamic one that spread over nation states.

Since its inception till now the revolution is continuously in process and moving incessantly for greater inspiration therefore it will keep going on. The revolution rekindled the hope of freedom in every oppressed nation, especially in Kashmir and Palestine as well.

It is the revolution that destroyed ISIS and defended the holy shrines whether in Iraq or in Syria. The concept of resistance stems from the revolution that has dominated the scene in the contemporary world. Hezbullah is the tangible example of it who are fighting against Zionist entity.

The Islamic revolution of Iran is a perfect exhibition of spirituality and resistance. We can say that freedom, justice and equality in its truer form are main credentials of the Islamic revolution. From politics to economy to socio-culture to education to individual to collective level, the Islamic revolution aims to transform all and expunge all the illicit elements, where these phenomena would be structured into a proper and pure form kneaded with resistance and morality.

The revolution is the march of Red history and it would culminate when the awaiting savior comes out from occultation for leading the Ummah towards the global justice.