The British newspaper “The Guardian” describes its country’s agreements with Saudi Arabia as a “stigma”




The agreements signed by British Prime Minister Teresa Mae and the Saudi regime during Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to London have provoked angry reactions and are a stigma to Britain, the Guardian newspaper reported

Britain and Saudi Arabia have signed deals worth billions of dollars, including the purchase of 48 Typhoon fighters to kill the people of Yemen during Ben Salman’s visit to Britain

The newspaper pointed out that the agreements signed have angered the opposition MPs with serious concerns about the role of the Saudi regime in the war against Yemen

“When Britain signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia, it has allied itself with a country that is primarily responsible for one of the world’s greatest humanitarian crises,” About 4 to 8 million people In Yemen are at risk of imminent famine “said Kat Osamor, secretary of labor and international development in the British shadow government

Britain plays a key role in supporting the Saudi war against Yemen through arms deals and military and logistical support, which has exceeded 7 billion pounds since 2010, according to British official documents

Alan Hogarth, head of Amnesty International’s policy and affairs department in Britain, criticized what the British government’s hypocrisy which is described as the situation in Yemen, pointing out that it provides humanitarian aid to Yemeni citizens, but , with the other hand supplies weapons to the Saudi regime, triggering a humanitarian crisis Great

Kevin Watkins, director of Britain’s Save the Children, also criticized his country’s government for the welcome that has been bestowed on Ibn Salman, who is leading a siege of starving children and hurting them


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