Yemen’s south : violent clashes between the military police , UAE troops trying to loot the airstrip




The military police command in Aden accused elements of the Aden security department, led by the pro-Emirati waterfall Ali Ali, of trying to take over the airstrip at a police base.

As a result, the military police used force to prevent the looting of the airstrip, resulting in clashes that resulted in the death of one soldier and wounding another.

The military police said in a statement that «a group belonging to the security of Aden, led by Lieutenant Fahd al-Naqib, tried to control the airstrip by force of arms and armed groups with weapons and crews», confirning that «members of the military police prevented them from entering the place under their protection».

The preliminary investigations confirmed that the looting attempt was carried out by a group of security personnel who had looted the land in Aden.

The military police said in its statement that “despite the attempts to calm down, the group turned around and betrayed our soldiers who are guarding the place, which led to worsen the situation, while a number the leaders tried to calm the situation.

اعلان الزكاة