Three underground secret prisons established by the UAE before entering Aden




Private sources in Aden revealed that the UAE didn’t only run secret prisons in the southern provinces but also established new secret prisons in places that can not be imagined, whereas three of them are located two floors underground, which were established before the coalition forces’ control Aden in 2015.

The sources told “Al-Masa’a Press” about the places of 3 of these secret prisons, adding that  “The UAE has worked to establish very secret underground detention centers, which were recognized by a few of the southerners ,loyal to the UAE, while most of the supporters of the UAE forces in Aden and the southern provinces know nothing about them, their places, their administration, and those inside.

The private sources in Aden have reinforced their information with an explanatory map which showed in detailes the locations of these detention centers and the entrances to them, elaborating that the prisons were established within the administrative base where the coalition forces are located in the Bureika area ,west of Aden. UAE established these Detainees before an official ground presence to lead the coalition forces in Aden and also before Sudanese forces’ presence.

The sources also confirmed that these prisons were established before the UAE’s control of Bab al-Mandab in early September 2015 and before the existene of a headquarters of the coalition forces and its leadership in Aden.

According to the sources, the UAE ,before its troops entered the city, appointed the Salafist loyalist and the current head of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani Ben Brik, as the observer of establishing of large underground prisons.

The sources also revealed that the identity of the person who carried out the operations of these prisons ,the son-in-law of Ben Brik, “Wissam al-Futtaisi”, who managed and supervised the establishment of these prisons in full.

Al-Masa’a Press quoted from the same sources that
United Arab Emirates and US forces directly supervised these detention centers .The American forces are affiliated with the Marine units and have their own headquarters in the headquarters of the coalition forces.

The attached map reveals the establishment of three secret prisons by the United Arab Emirates, five meters underground, inside the coalition headquarters, the equivalent of two underground floors. The first is located near the main gate of the headquarters and was built under the US Marine Corps building, while the second one is in front of the rear entrance to the headquarters, with the same depth, but this prison was established longitudinally and opposite from the building of the UAE leadership. Additionaly ,the third one was in the central area between the two former prisons.

In addition to the three former prisons, the UAE and its forces in Aden control the prison of Bir Ahmad, which is located in a military facility built on a farm ,owned by a tribal elder ,belonging to the tribes of al-Aqrabi, west of Aden.

Furthermore, there is a prison at Al-Rayyan Airport in the Mukalla city of Hadramout in the east of the country and another one in the port of Daba in the same provine. Although international press agencies have revealed more than once that the UAE runs secret prisons in Yemen and practices torture against detainees, Secret prisons in Yemen, Abu Dhabi denies that.

اعلان الزكاة