After Houthi speech …the Yemeni missile force declares firing the first missile on a Saudi military target




Minutes ago, the Yemeni missile force announced that a ballastic missile was launched on a new Saudi target in the depth of Saudi Arabia .

Badr 1 ballastic missile, locally made, targeted Faisal Military City in Jizan sector, a military official said.

On Thursday, the King Abdullah Economic City, in Jizan, and other targets were targeted with Badr 1 ballistic missiles. The missiles have achieved their goals.

Yemeni missile Force, Wendnesday, carried out a large-scale ballistic missile attacks on strategic and economic targets in various parts of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Defense Ministry and other goals in Riyadh were struck with Burkan 2H missiles, Additionally, Aramco Distribution Building in Najran and other targets in the section were hit with locally made Badr 1 ballistic missiles.

For its part, an International news agency confirmed hearing loud sounds ,while  Saudi activists shared in the social media videos showed the missiles arriving to its targets in Riyadh city and other cities.

Sayyad Abdulmalik Al-Houthi threatened in a speech in March,26 explained that the fourth year of the Saudi-led coalition will witness significant military developments, including the penetration of the US and other protection systems used by the coalition . Al-Houthi said “In the fourth year, we are coming with our Drones, that can reach very far and with unprecedented readiness of our Military institutions”

President Saleh Al-Samad, elected by the Representitive Parliament,  threatened ,Monday ,the coalition that Yemeni missiles will target the Saudi depth as long as the coalition continue its crimes on Yemeni people.