Gunmen in one of the fighting factions for the legitimacy break into a court in Taiz ,release a defendant by force




Ghazwan al-Makhlafi, the child who leads armed groups in Taiz and has many precedents, stormed the headquarters of the prosecution and the court of West Taiz during the scheduled session, known as the burning of al-Maqtari, who is the brother of the media journalist , Ahmed Shawqi Ahmed

Local sources reported that Ghazwan al-Makhlafi, accompanied by a group of armed men, took the defendant out and released him by force from the courtroom. Therfore, there were reports of a strike by prosecutors and judges over what happened

Political parties in Taiz accused one of the pro-legitimacy parties of being behind the actions of Ghazwan al-Makhlafi and his gang of breaking into houses and imposing levies, violating local authority institutions and using it as pressure cards to carry out its agenda, which benefit from the security chaos in Taiz

The legitimacy government announced last year that it had arrested Ghazwan al-Makhlafi after fighting on the streets of Taiz, which killed a number of civilians. Then he was released without even investigating him which proves that that those behind him are supported by legitimate parties