Two raids on Sana’a Coinciding with Ceremony of President al-Sammad’s Funeral




The US-Saudi coalition’s warplanes launched two raids ,shortly befor, on the vicinity of Al-Sabe’en square ,in the capital Sana’a, coinciding with the inauguration ceremony of the funeral of President Saleh al-Sammad and his companions.

A local source in the capital said that the coalition’s warplanes targeted two neighborhoods around the People’s Mosque in Al-Sabe’en square during the ceremony of the funeral, added that warplanes are still hovering in the sky of the capital .

On Friday night coalition’s warplanes targeted the building of the blood Center at Sabe’en Maternity and childhood hospital, causing material damage medical sources reported.

Coalition’s warplanes bombed the police force camp, the ministry Interior, maintenance, and Sanaa airport with several air strikes overnight, causing huge material damages to the Public and private properties.