A security fiasco floods Aden




A judge ,Wednesday afternoon ,was assaulted and beaten by what so-called “security belt forces” , backed by the UAE  forces in the city of Aden, sources told YemenExtra.

 The judge of the Aden Province prosecutor, Khaled al-Biti, was beaten at the hands of armed security forces while passing through the General street of Mansoura district.

Aden is witnessing security chaos due to the spread of al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorist groups amid conflict between Saudi Arabia and UAE occupation forces.

Aden city, which was occupied by UK but now under the control of UAE, and the rest of the southern cities witnessed an insecurity situation that increased the assassinations of Imams of mosques and security and military leaderships

It also witnesses a security fiasco that escalated with killings, looting issues , in addition to others that never happened before.

اعلان الزكاة